A rebellious mix of live music and unscripted theatre. The onstage band drives the story. The cast twists the narrative in new directions each night. Stay tuned for more shows in the near future, and in the meantime, check out what people have to say about us... "Enchanting" --L Magazine "...Comedic, dramatic, and jazz improv so surreally compelling that by the end, you leave wishing you could see what they come up with next." --Daniel Kelly, www.nytheatre.com "What differentiates this show from any other I've seen is the stunning collaboration between the actors and a live jazz trio onstage. The strength of FACE is their extraordinary ability to tune into each other, thereby keeping the audience enthralled by both the unique concept of the show and its execution." --Katherine Heller, www.newyorkcool.com "...the cast is clearly having fun, and the pace never lags for long...FACE is a breezy, amusing diversion." --Vanessa Anderson, Time Out New York "FACE is improv at its most beautiful." --Katherine Heller, www.newyorkcool.com "FACE Improv's performance at the Galapagos Art Space screamed of talent overload, with music, laughter and spontaneity pouring out the door of the tiny space...as the musicians embellished each minute of the show with their equally theatrical and relevant jazz." --Jennifer Pelly, The Fordham Observer FACE features an instrumental jazz quartet that, from a single audience suggestion, creates an original "score" on the spot while 6 actors weave a 45 minute, fully improvised show of music, motion, comedy, and dramatic theater. Unlike other improv shows, many of which have no musical element whatsoever, FACE's live music is instrumental to its direction. The music not only provides the background to the action, but now flourishes in the foreground with the actors. A musical "key change" can lead to an actor's motivational shift and a crescendo by the band can induce a climax in dialogue and in relationships. In turn, the actors' movement, speech, and spatial relationships with one another can inspire a direct musical translation and interpretation of tonal sound. Music and acting are together on the same page which is ultimately the same stage. FACE has been collaboratively developed with everyone's strengths in mind. The individial talents of the group have become one to create and weave narratives and abstracts for their audience to experience and enjoy. The shows are comedic, musical, tragic, and often profound, and are a true celebration of the art of improvisation.